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It's Probably Worse than Your Worst Fears


The Biden administration is doing everything in their power to take more power and control while making our lives more difficult. I have been an optimist my entire life.

When it came to our government I used to think that would never happen, then it did. I then changed to, nothing surprises me. Then, whatever I considered the worst case scenario that is what I expected. Now, I expect the truth to be something worse than my worst fears.


All the leading economic indicators are predicting a recession. The Biden administration continues to attack energy supply at every level. They have shut down pipelines, canceled oil and gas leases, closed millions of acres to energy development, and are holding up dozens of key energy projects with red tape. This will increase fuel prices in the short term. 


Inflation has ticked up again recently. Unfortunately, I believe our economy will get worse before it gets better. The policies of the next administration could alleviate much of the economic woes or significantly help improve things.


Our freedoms are also constantly under attack. Democracy can only last with an educated electorate.


The solution is clear. Will enough people stop voting for policies that are detrimental to themselves and all of us or will they vote for representatives that will reduce government interference and spending?


I wish I knew the answer. I honestly believe it could easily go either way. Education is the solution.


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