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About KJJC-TV Network

KJJC Media Group airs great family & faith-based TV programs, 24/7, through central and eastern Montana!

We air great family TV programming from MeTV, PosiTiV, TBN, Smile of A Child, and Hillsong Channel.

There's something for you any time on the KJJC-TV Network!

How to Watch Us:

Great Falls


16.1  -  MeTV

16.2  -  PosiTiV

16.3  -  TBN

16.4  -  Smile of A Child

16.5  -  Hillsong



Charter   4

Mid Rivers   510


MidRivers   511



14.1  -  MeTV

14.2  -  Daystar

14.3  -  PosiTiV

14.4  -  Smile of A Child

14.5  -  TBN


Mid Rivers   510
TCT   121

Mid Rivers   511



7.1  -  MeTV

7.2  - PosiTiV

7.3  -  TBN

7.4  -  Smile of A Child

7.5  -  Hillsong


KJJC's MeTV channel is on DISH Network!


Check your DISH Network listings for current channel info

Our Mission

At KJJC Media Group it is our mission to provide high-quality, family and faith-based programming to TV viewers throughout central and eastern Montana, and radio listeners in the Salt Lake City area!

We hope you enjoy our daily programs!

Our Mission

Our Vision

At the KJJC Media Group it is our vision to see people throughout the communities we serve returning to the high-quality, fun, TV programs we grew up with, and high-quality radio programming! We believe in airing programming that not only entertains, but reinforces the traditional values that made our country great, and are a great asset to the people of Salt Lake City and Montana!

We'd love to hear from you today!

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