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AM1230 - The Place

Salt Lake City's Common Sense Talk

Mike Gallagher                 7 - 10 am
Charlie Kirk                     10am-12pm
Dennis Prager                     12 - 1 pm
Sebastian Gorka                 1 - 4 pm
Brandon Tatum                  4 - 7 pm
Dennis Prager                     7 - 10pm
Greg Laurie                          10:00pm
Focus on the Family          10:30pm
Late Night:
Eric Metaxas                    mid - 2am
Prager Replay                     2 - 4 am
Hugh Hewitt                         4 - 7 am
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Weekend Programming includes...

The Closing Argument              7:05am
The Todd Huff
Show                   8:05am
YourPersonalBank                      10:05am
American Warrior Radio           11:05am
On the Right Side Radio            12:05pm
Healthy By Nature                         1:05pm
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